So, what have you done this Summer?   Any glamorous destination we don’t know about?

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    Tilt shift miniature
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  6. mrsnish answered: stay home boring
  7. tonfinityandbey0nd answered: i went for school trip (fairview international school) to bali, malaysia . its BEAUTIFUL …just thought you might know :D
  8. trendyj answered: trip to norway
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  10. hydrosassic-acid answered: I went to Nag’s Head, North Carolina. It’s not nearly as interesting as a bunch of my friends’ vacation. They went to Italy and Greece!
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  12. what-not-to-do answered: i went to new york city with my acting studio for the 1st time!
  13. keepyoursmilepleaaase answered: Cap D’agde, South Of The France.
  14. fuckyeahisava answered: rio de janeiro. jiji
  15. cdb1623 answered: brevard north carolina
  16. amygrimbo answered: port camargue, south of france. the aerial view of that place is great!
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