Paris, City of Light doesn’t mean “the city with a lot of beautiful lights" but, rather, "the city where, during the eighteenth century, the lights of science (with the biologists like Buffon or Jussieu and with the encyclopedy writers like Diderot or d’Alembert) and the lights of philosophy (Voltaire, Rousseau, Condorcet, Montesquieu, …) have been lit. 

From the film you would assume it was about Light, la femme fatale that courts Paris from dusk til dawn.



Here’s the latest installment of Ross Ching’s “Empty America” project, which features time-lapse videos of major cities in the United States with all the people magically removed. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve visited the beautiful cities of San Francisco and Seattle; this week, the destination is New York City. - via humanscalecities

The guys from Timedrops Media have just uploaded “Mountains Aglow”, a new video of their adventures around Mt. Baker:

The film takes place in Mt. Baker – Snoqualmie National Forest in the North Cascades of Washington. Other than the establishing shot at the beginning, all of the locations are in the National Forest Area. The central location I shot from is called Artist Point, which boasts 360 degree views of the surrounding area. From this point there are quite a few hikes you can do including to the top of Mt. Baker if you are experienced enough. So now that you have an idea of how the film came about, lets take a look. Enjoy!